Ayman Aymen

Schiavello Startup Cadet


Ayman Aymen


What did you study and where?

Western Sydney University, Bachelor  of Construction Management, sub-majoring in Construction Economics.

What drew to you a cadetship?

The fear of finishing uni without experience. All employers these days request it from candidates before they have a chance at even getting a job interview. It was important to me to gain practical experience that I could apply to my studies.

What drew you to Schiavello initially?

I did a search online after seeing the Schiavello signage next to the Sydney airport for a previous project.  I liked the business so much I approached them about getting some work experience for uni and the rest is history.

What do you love most about working at Schiavello?

• The workplace culture
• The knowledge that is passed down from highly experienced mentors
• Being exposed to major projects int he construction industry?

What was it like going from university to the real world of construction? What were the biggest differences/learning curves?

There was a major shift in the way of thinking. I had to change my mentality from a being student to a young adult starting and developing his career.

What advice would you give to current university students thinking of a cadetship?

I highly recommend a construction cadetship as it will initiate a strong foundation towards a future career in the construction industry.

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