Agata Starkiewicz

Humans of Schiavello


Agata Starkiewicz

Contract Administrator

Where were you born?

Toronto, Canada

What did you want to be when you were young?

An artist that gets paid to travel around the world and paint mountains. ☺️

What is your role at Schiavello?

Contract Administrator, Team 25.

What attracted you to working at Schiavello?

The opportunities, and becoming a part of the growing construction industry in a new city!

People are surprised that…

I can speak 3 languages, and that I grew up speaking Polish.

What are you known for around the office?  

Probably people thinking I am Swedish / other nationalities, and not really knowing how to place my accent haha.

Most used emoji/s?


If you had to take three things on a deserted island, what would they be? 

A sketchpad, a speaker, and some ice cream.

My guilty pleasure is…

Dairy products, especially cheese!

If you were an ice-cream, which flavour would you be? 

Mint, with dark chocolate chips. ?

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?  

I’d buy a big van and refurbish the back to make an on-the-road home!