Anthony Kandi

Humans of Schiavello


Anthony Kandi

Project Manager

Where were you born?

Carlton, Melbourne.

What did you want to be when you were young?

A marine biologist, as I always wanted to be in the water.

What is your role at Schiavello?

Project Manager, Team 23.

What attracted you to working at Schiavello?

The vast range of projects and profile clients which we work with.

Project you’re most proud of?

150 Collins St – Westpac Fitout.

People are surprised that…

I love to go fishing and camping.

What are you known for around the office?

‘Kandi Man’ – it’s my surname. Also get called Antonios or Bagdatis by others, but there is a long winded story behind that.

Most used emoji/s?


I unwind by..

being outdoors with friends and family.

My guilty pleasure is…

Ben and Jerrys – Tonight Doh.

A quote you live by / personal motto

Your life is what you make of it!

If you could get any tattoo what would it be?

An anchor.

What’s your favourite TV show?

‘Suits’ – I can’t wait for the latest season to be released!